Personal Background

I was originally born in Taiwan. My father was an accountant and my mother was a middle school math teacher. When I was nine, and when my parents were in their 40’s, they moved the family to America, not because they had good jobs waiting for them here, but because they wanted a better future for their children. My sister and I were raised with a strong work ethic and a deep respect for the value of educatio

I attended Cornell University where I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in electrical engineering, and moved to California after graduation. I’ve lived in Cupertino for the last seven years, and before that I lived in Sunnyvale for about 15 years. Professionally, I am a technologist with over 20 issued patents in computer science, and I work at HP where I manage teams of research scientists at HP Labs.

A few years ago, I headed up a research program to see how technology can improve student learning outcomes and worked with many educators and students throughout the country, including a current CUSD teacher as a consultant to the program. I came away from that assignment with a heartfelt appreciation for the critical role that educators play in an educational ecosystem increasingly filled with automation and technology tools.

I’ve been happily married to my wife Jennifer for over a decade, and we have two daughters Sarah (6th) who attends Kennedy Middle and Liz (4th) who is a student at Lincoln Elementary.

Volunteer Work

I have been a CUSD parent and volunteer for over seven years. I am the President-elect for the Lincoln Elementary PTA and the current and future Vice President for the Kennedy Middle School PTA, having served on both PTA boards for the past several years. I am currently a member of the Kennedy School Site Council and previously served on the Lincoln Site Council for four years, including three as the chairperson.

In my involvements with the schools, I’ve assisted teachers in the classroom and the computer lab, helped with fundraising, organized student events like book fairs and science fairs, and generally did whatever was needed to support our students and teachers.

I serve on district advisory committees such as the Parent Advisory Committee and the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee, and I represented the Kennedy community in the superintendent search advisory committee in 2017.

I am also an active volunteer in our community. I am the board president of the Cupertino Library Foundation which provides support for our public library. In my role as board president, I have prioritized education and life-long learning as a key initiative for the Foundation, and under my leadership we have sponsored many enrichment programs for students such as the first ever overnight hackathon in a public library and summer science research contest for middle school students. I am also a board member for Asian American Parent Association, serving with current CUSD and FHUSD board members, to educate parents and provide support for teachers and students. I was a founding board member for the Santa Clara County Library District Foundation, and I volunteered as the voter data manager in the campaign for Measure A, a parcel tax measure which passed with 81% approval in 2013 to provide a funding source for the library district.

I currently serve on the Planning Commission for the City of Cupertino, and previously I served four years as a Cupertino Library Commissioner, chairing the Library Commission for two of those years.In these roles, I am proud of my track record of being an independent voice in representing community interests.In 2016, I received the CREST (Cupertino Recognizes Extra Steps Taken) award from the City of Cupertino for my volunteer work with the schools and the library.