I am honored to have received the support and endorsement for my campaign from these community leaders.  The titles and affiliations listed for the individuals are for identification purposes only and do not reflect endorsements from the organizations.


CUSD Board Members

Soma McCandless, CUSD Board President

Kristen Lyn, CUSD Board Vice President

Liang Chao, CUSD Board Member



Santa Clara County Democratic Party

California School Employees Association, Cupertino Chapter 13

Santa Clara County Democratic Club

Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club

Silicon Valley Chinese Association


Federal, State, and County Officials

Ro Khanna                          US Congressman

Jim Beall                             California State Senator, District 15th

Marc Berman                     California State Assembly Member, 24th District

Paul Fong                             Former California State Assembly Member, 28th District

Evan Low                             California State Assembly Member, 28th District

Laurie Smith                       Santa Clara County Sheriff


School Officials

Cynthia Chang                   Los Gatos Saratoga High School Board Trustee

Sophia Kao                          Saratoga Union School District Trustee

Ben Liao                              Former CUSD School Board Member

Jeff Moe                               Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Reid Myers                          Sunnyvale School District Board President

Roy Rocklin                        Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Katherine Tseng                 Los Gatos Saratoga High School Board Trustee

Gilbert Wong                       Foothill-De Anza Community College District Trustee


City and Regional Officials

Barry Chang                       Councilmember, City of Cupertino

Angela Chen                       Director, Secretary Pro-Tem, Cupertino Sanitary District

Rishi Kumar                         Councilmember, City of Saratoga

Patrick Kwok                      Director, Secretary, Cupertino Sanitary District

Steve Leonardis                   Vice Mayor, Town of Los Gatos

Russ Melton                         Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale

Darcy Paul                           Mayor, City of Cupertino

Paul Resnikoff                    Mayor, City of Campbell

Don Rocha                           Councilmember, City of San Jose

Steven Scharf                     Councilmember, City of Cupertino

Rich Waterman                  Councilmember, City of Campbell


Community Leaders

Bob Adams                         Cupertino Rotary

Richard Adler                     Bay Area for Clean Environment

Gregory Anderson             Former Faculty & Dean, De Anza College

Linda Arbaugh                   Santa Clara County Library District Foundation

John Bartas                         Bay Area for Clean Environment

Huan Bell                             CUSD Parent

Maya Bronicki                     CUSD Parent Advisory Committee

Jackie Chen                         Director of Fiscal Services. Palo Alto Unified School District

Rochelle Chu                      CUSD Parent

Art Cohen                           Cupertino Chamber of Commerce

Liana Crabtree                   Cupertino Library Commission

Terrie Creamer                  President, Santa Clara County Library District Foundation

Joyce Damozonio              CUSD PAC, Lincoln School Site Council

Thomas Deng                     Cupertino Rotary

Yi Ding                                  Asian American Parent Association

Sharon Fong                        CUSD Parent

Jian He                                 CUSD Parent

Gayathri Kanth                   Former Cupertino Community Librarian

Adrian Kolb                         Cupertino Poet Laureate Committee

Gopal Kumar                      Cupertino Library Commission

Bev Lenihan                         Former President, Cupertino Rotary

Sean Lyn                              Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission

Jerry Ma                               Co-President, Asian American Parent Association

Muni Madhdhipatla           CUSD Parent

Diana Matley                       Cupertino Fine Arts Commission

Rob McCoy                          Vice-Chair, Cupertino Public Safety Commission

Geoff Paulsen                     Chair, Cupertino Planning Commission

Alan Penn                           CUSD Resident

Henry Sang                         Cupertino Library Foundation

Eno Schmidt                       Chair, Cupertino Audit Committee

Linda Sell                            Bay Area for Clean Environment

Vidya Sinha                        CUSD Parent

Ann Stevenson                    Cupertino Poet Laureate Committee

Don Sun                                Cupertino Planning Commission

Alan Takahashi                   Vice Chair, Cupertino Planning Commission

Janet Trankle                      Cupertino Library Foundation

Cynthia Tsuchida              CUSD Parent

Ted Tsuchida                      CUSD Parent

Alex Verstak                        Peter Likhachev Foundation

Christie Wang                     Chair, Cupertino Library Commission

Hui Yang                              CUSD Parent

Jenny Yuan                          Silicon Valley Chinese Association

Tong Zhang                         Kennedy Middle Science Olympiad

Liyan Zhao                           Asian American Parent Association