The foundation of our district is strong. Residents take pride in our academically successful district, and we have an informed community capable of great feats when we are united.  With a corporate tech management career, I have the expertise in working with stakeholders to guide an organization towards long-term success. I am running for the Cupertino Union School District school board because I will deliver the BEST for CUSD!



  • Prioritize programs that directly benefit student learning.
  • Drive for equity among schools.
  • Leverage resources from community partners.

Our school district will face a structural imbalance between revenue and expenses in the coming years, and forecasted growth in specific areas within the district will strain portions of our facilities and staff.

If elected, I will protect our classrooms and ensure that our scarce resources are spent on  fundamentals that directly benefit students, and I will work to ensure that all students across our district have access to the same opportunities. Our community wants to see a successful school district, and the district should take an active lead in pulling together potential collaborators. If elected, I will reach out to the city councils,  county agencies, community non-profits, and businesses to increase resources available to serve our students.


Prepare our students for future success by guiding them to excel in 

  • Academic performance
  • Emotional maturity
  • Character development

Our job is to prepare each and every child for success as they transition into high school and beyond.As a parent with my own two daughters in CUSD, I will make sure that all the children in our community receive the best education possible.

I will strive to maintain our stellar academic performance as a solid academic foundation is core to a child’s future success. A well-rounded education extends beyond core academics, however. I will work to increase project-based learning experiences so students can develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. I strongly believe that socio-emotional development should also be core to the education that the children receive.

In my role as a people manager, I’ve seen that the most successful people are not necessarily the ones who know how to solve problems, but rather the ones who can identify what problems to solve.  I am convinced that a foundational education in STEAM will serve our children well, and, if elected, I will use my tech experience to work with district leadership to incorporate expanded STEAM education in future curriculums.

School Climate

  • Support our teachers and staff to be successful.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.
  • Strengthen parental engagement at every school.

School climate, including a school’s academic environment, the physical environment, and social environment, determines a student’s quality of learning. We should listen to the voices of our teachers and staff, provide with them with the support that they need, and minimize the overhead that takes them away from student time.  We also need to ensure that we are providing suitable learning environments, both physical and social, to all students.

A school district’s success depends on a supportive community, and I will make it my top priority to strengthen the relationship between the school district and our parent community. As a long time CUSD parent and PTA leader, I know that the great positive change happens when the community is engaged.  I will actively support parent groups working with our students and seek community participation in major district initiatives.


  • Communicate clearly how decisions are made.
  • Understand the needs of the constitutents and be accountable for the services we provide.
  • Say what we mean; mean what we say.

The best outcomes I have experienced in both my professional and civic career come from grassroots ideas. I do not know all the answers, but I am always willing to listen and learn from every member of our community. At the same time, I will strive to share information with the community to maximize the transparency into decisions.

In my six years of serving the public as a Planning Commissioner and a Library Commissioner, I have always aimed to understand and act on residents’ concerns. If elected, I will work with the superintendent to incorporate the community’s needs into the district strategic plan. I believe that understanding customer needs should be the cornerstone of a school district culture.

Without trust, it is almost impossible for a community to make forward progress.  I will work hard to earn our residents’ trust through a simple principle – be honest about what I stand for, and deliver on the promises I make.  This is how I live my personal life, and it is a philosphy I will bring to the board.